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Retail & Restaurant Facility Business is produced by France Media Inc., the largest commercial real estate publisher in the United States, which produces 12 commercial real estate-oriented magazines as well as websites and email newsletters. France Media's conference division, InterFace Conference Group, produces regional and national real estate conferences, including educational and networking events.

Retail and Restaurant Facility Business Contacts:
Publisher: Scott France, 404-832-8262,

Associate Publisher: M. Scott Royal, 404-832-8262,
Editor/Designer: Katie Lee, 404-832-8262,
Production Editor: Julie Hunt,
Reprints: Barbara Sherer, 630-553-9037,

France Media Inc. Contacts:
Jerrold France, President and CEO
Scott France, Executive Vice President
Michael Jacobs, Chief Financial Officer
Randall Shearin, Senior Vice President of Editorial & Operations
Jaime Lackey, Vice President, Marketing & Digital Strategy
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